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Evening light over Dunnydeer and Bennachie

Two mixed media paintings on wooden board, they show the change from day to night, the last fade of light highlighting two distinctive landmarks, Dunnydeer and Bennachie.


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Artist: Jenny Evans
Media: Mixed media, cracckle paste, oil paint, gold and copper foil
Size: 38 x 23.5 cm (15 x 9 in)
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About the Artist

I am a Scottish Landscape Artist based in North East Scotland. I grow up on the Aberdeenshire coast and spend my childhood on the beach and traveling up to the Moray coast and west on holiday with family. This has given me a deep love of Scotland’s landscape. I love to experiment in my art by using different mixed media and painting techniques. I aim to capture the stunning landscapes of Scotland. My work is dominated by atmospheric skies, colour and use of light.